MORNING BUZZ: Casino, Crash and C’Mon!!

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Good Morning.  Hope it’s not too hard to get back to work this morning for all of you. I also hope you had a good Holiday weekend.

We spent the night of the 3rd of July just down the hill from Wells Fargo Arena.  The Center Street pedestrian bridge is a great front row seat for the fireworks.  We spent the 36 hours before the fireworks assuring the boys that they would like them…that the “bang” wouldn’t be too loud.  Will got through it with his hands on his ears…JT has decided he doesn’t want to see or hear fireworks… ever again.


The sequester comes to central Iowa in the form of forced days off for the military.  This is going to save 1.8 Billion dollars!  No one wants to take a day off each week for the next eleven weeks.  It’s a burden.   How about we all remember this when our lawmakers are bickering in Washington D.C.   Think about what “could have been” if smaller, one time cuts had been made over the last decade.  If you take one day off a year or cut the equivalent from the budget… these larger cuts aren’t needed.  The problem is, if you try to keep spending in check like that…someone comes up with a campaign commercial saying “John Doe voted to cut 1.8 billion dollars in funding for our troops.”  Shame on us for being so gullible and lazy.  No one is complaining now.


So now Greene County wants to take a shot at a Casino.  The first of a series of meetings over the proposal was last night. I am guessing this one would go down to a vote.  If it didn’t I’m guessing the State’s Racing and Gaming would not vote to issue a license to a county just because they wanted a way to make more money.  There has to be some indication that the casino would draw people to town.  I can’t imagine someone getting off of I-80 to go to Jefferson.  Small towns and rural Iowa counties have something to offer, but a Casino is not an economic development plan.


If you take one thing away from the crash of Asiana Airlines flight 214, it should be the fact that even when things went catastrophically wrong…the plane stayed together enough for the vast majority of the people inside to escape.  It’s amazing.

It reinforces my thought that flying is safe.  I know that sounds weird but the more we learn, the more we find out that someone has to screw up pretty bad for a plane to go down think this.


So the Airport wants to charge the shuttles and Taxis that come and pick-up or drop off passengers.  No, that seems like a good idea…kill the businesses that make it easier for people to access your airport..

I don’t know what’s going on down on the south side but for the first time in 15 years, the Airport seems not to give a rip about communicating to its customers.  I can’t remember a time when we have asked a question of the airport and not gotten a timely response…Even when the answer was uncomfortable or didn’t give the airport good press…they stepped up and answered questions…until now.  No communication, not even the courtesy of a response for the past six or eight months.  The City used to own the airport and ultimately the Airport Director answered to taxpayers.  Not anymore.  They don’t answer…anyone.


That’s what I would say to Justin Bieber.  He was 90 minutes late for his show in Des Moines Sunday night.  You tweet everything that runs under that mop….why don’t you just tweet that you are sorry, or that you are grateful for everyone who stuck around?

Still, it seems none of his teenage and pre-teen fans noticed how rude the singer was.  They still love him.

I hope you have a good day.  If you have comments on these or any of the other things you’ve seen in the news…let’s hear em!