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SMASH UP: Driver, 77, Flips Car Into House

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An accident In Newton Wednesday morning has neighbors and police wondering why the driver was behind the wheel in the first place.

Colette Klier of Newton came home from work to find her garage destroyed by an out of control car.

garage crash"[The car] took out the wall, the brick wall, also our laundry room is back here and completely pushed the laundry room wall. The toilet was sideways. Our water heater was disconnected,” describes Klier.

The car, driven by 77-year old Dorris Diamond, hit a retaining wall and went airborne, flipping sideways as it flew into the garage.

Crews had to pull Diamond and her husband out of the wreckage. Both were flown to a Des Moines hospital for treatment.

"It went sideways and ended up going sideways into our garage with the top part, even her bumper hitting the top part or our garage there, ended up sideways in here then fell upside down," says Klier.

A tire mark can be seen 7 feet up the wall.

“This right here is our dining room is above here and basically all the joists here they took out," adds Klier.

carThis isn't the first time Diamond has been in an accident like this. It’s the third time in the past year.

The last time she slammed into several parked cars.

We asked police whether it's time for Diamond to hand over the keys.

"That’s a good question and one that we're even talking about with this family and that is the family needs to be proactive and step in and, you know, take the keys from mom or dad and at least get them revaluated by the Department of Transportation," says Lt. Bill Henninger.

After her last accident, Diamond was evaluated by the state DOT and allowed to keep her license.  Police say sometimes there comes a time when older drivers just have to admit it's time to give up their keys.

"There comes a point when safety is the most important thing and they don't need to be driving anymore,” Lt. Henninger adds.

Police say Diamond suffered non-life threatening injuries in the crash. Her husband's injuries are described as critical.