MISSING LAB: Family’s Search Helps Others

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An Ames couple's desperate search for their family dog has led to a host of dogs being reunited with their owners.

Moriah Perkins and her husband were in the process of moving last week, and returned to back home to find someone had been inside.

“The door was open obviously looked like it had been pushed or something and the cats were out and the dog was gone,” says Moriah Perkins of Ames.

Nothing was taken but the door had been forced open.

The couple's cats were quickly found, but their beloved 6-year old lab Archer is still missing.

archer lost dog“Honestly, in a weird way I wish they would have just taken the stuff and that the dog was still here, because you can replace that stuff you can`t replace the dog,” says Perkins.

For days Perkins has been plastering posters around town and soon turned to social media to get the word out.

“When I say overwhelming the response that I’ve got is amazing, it’s like thousands of people within hours, perfect strangers I don`t even know,” says Perkins.

One of those strangers is fellow Ames resident Jasmine Conrad.

Conrad saw Perkins story on a community Facebook page, Ames Swap, and felt compelled to help.

“There`s a basic human instinct to want to help each other, there is a goodness in us all and it`s coming out within the community and we`re all coming together to help her out,” says Jasmine Conrad of Ames.lost pooch

Conrad is among hundreds of people who have spent time searching for Archer, sharing her photo and hanging flyers around town.

The large response hasn't brought Archer home yet,  but eight other dogs similar to her description have been reunited with their owners.

“The first night it was a 9-year-old boy, it turned out it was his dog and it`s gone on from there,” says Perkins.

Perkins is hoping Archer is found next.

“She`s just always been there for me, she`s always happy to see me and loves me, she goes everywhere with me,” says Perkins.

Perkins says Archer is wearing a hot pink collar without the tags.  She is now offering a reward for her Archer's safe return.