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POLICE CHASE: Thief’s Trail Of Damage

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A driver in a stolen vehicle led officers on a chase through rush-hour traffic in Des Moines.

The incident lasted nearly half an hour as vehicles tried to dodge busy traffic on I-235 and the east side of Des Moines.

Police say an undercover officer working on a recent string of burglaries first spotted a stolen white Chevrolet Suburban with no license plates. The driver took off and the undercover officer chased after him, with other Des Moines units joining the chase.

The suspect went west on I-235 then doubled back heading east again.

Police tried to force him to stop at Hubbell and East University. Officers rammed into him in what police call a pit maneuver to disable the vehicle. But it didn't work. The stolen vehicle spun around but didn't stop. Police say the driver then raced backwards through traffic toward I-235.

That is when authorities say he smashed into Priscilla Post's car. Post, of Des Moines, said, "I just dropped off the kids." That was on her mind more than her damaged vehicle. She had just left her children with her mother so she could drive to work. "They weren't in the car... thankfully," Post said.

Tdriver chasehe undercover officer who first initiated the chase ended it, forcefully, by pushing the driver's SUV into a pole on East 21st and University Avenue.

The suspect was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. An officer involved with the pit maneuver had the wind knocked out of him, but he is expected to be fine, according to a police spokesman.

Authorities say the driver will be tested for drunk driving.