ULTIMATE FIGHTER: Charges Dropped, Ring Beckons

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Jeremy Stephens and his UFC career was pinned against the ropes but that was answered with a win against Estevan Payan.

This week, Stephens is in Des Moines training.

To make it through a punishing workout, it takes more than just the physical attributes of a world class fighter.

“I believe anything in life you do is 80-percent mental, 20-percent physical so the mindset you have to be is always preparation,” Stephens says.

Adding to the pressure of Stephens’ UFC career was an ongoing battle for innocence.

Stephens was charged with felony-assault stemming from a fight at Fat Tony's.

Last year, police in Minneapolis arrested Stephens and extradited him  to Iowa right before his UFC fight.

Stephens maintained his innocence.

Monday prosecutors dropped all felony charges, in exchange for Stephens pleading guilty to criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

He will serve no additional jail time.

Now Stephens eyes a return to the cage but first he's going back to San Diego to train.

Stephens hopes to schedule his next fight before the end of the year.