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ARL OVERLOAD: Shelter At Capacity

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Volunteers Jennifer and Samantha Newman have a system - Jennifer cleans and Samantha cuddles with the cats. But this system is being put on overload at Iowa`s Animal Rescue League in Des Moines.

Executive director Tom Colvin says, “We`ve had a couple of situations regarding hoarders, cat hoarders that the cats had to be removed from their home.”

After rescuing more than a hundred cats from just a few homes, the ARL is short on space. Colvin says, “We are certainly at capacity. And we are overflowed from capacity quite frankly.”

42 cats were taken from just one home this week.

With more than 1200 animals in its care, most of them cats, the ARL is doing everything it can to find good homes for these animals.

12-year-old Rachel Reidburn`s visited numerous times looking for the perfect cat. She says she`d prefer a female cat, but her number one priority is personality.

Jenifer Newman says, “It`s more entertaining to have animals in your house than cable and it`s cheaper too. They`re always doing something quirky and funny.'

And volunteers like Jennifer hope more animal lovers like Rachel adopt a new friend here at the ARL, to free up space for more animals in need.

Organizers say finding good homes and making sure pet owners are properly educated is only half the battle in improving the welfare for area animals.

The other half is pet population control, which is why they make sure all their animals are spayed or neutered.

The city of Ames is also seeing similar problems. The Ames animal shelter is hosting a free cat adoption to deal with the over population.