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AUTOBAHN TWEET: Durham Makes Gov. Speeding Joke

Posted on: 8:38 pm, July 11, 2013, by

governor speedingThe governor’s office is distancing itself from an ill-timed joke by the state’s Director of Economic Development.

Debi Durham is currently on an official trip with Governor Branstad in Europe.

Thursday, she sent a tweet from Germany as the group was running behind schedule:

Earlier this month, video was released showing Governor Branstad’s SUV driven by a state trooper going nearly 20 miles over the speed limit on an Iowa Highway.

Both the trooper driving Branstad and the trooper who refused to stop the speeding vehicle are part of an investigation into the incident.

A spokesman for the governor’s office says Durham’s tweet doesn’t reflect the governor’s views on obeying speed limits.

Durham later apologized for the speeding twitter on her twitter account:

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