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CORN JACKPOT: First Of The Season

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We`ve found it - the easiest job in Iowa!

It`s not shooting fish in a barrel or a donut shop in a police station – it’s selling the first Iowa sweet corn of the season, a week earlier than expected.

“I was backing the trailer in and somebody followed me in.”

Want to know how Mike Penick cornered the market? So does he, “I have no idea.”

Don`t believe him.  Everybody else is still almost a week away.

“I’ve just been blessed more than others, I guess.”

He`s suggesting the sweet corn gods play favorites?  He picked 500 dozen ears, Thursday morning.

“Pile was about this tall clear across the whole trailer this morning.” It comes as everybody else picked zilch.

It`s not from out of state, it`s from his field in Warren County.

His season might have started, but it won`t end until after Labor Day, so quality matters.

“You’ve got to have good corn or they tend not to come back the next day.”

Penick fully admits that the first round of corn and the 4th of July corn is never the best, “I tell people the best corn`s always two weeks after the season starts.”

That`s when the so-called long-season gets ripe, and Penick will probably corner the market on that stuff too - so when you see it, just enjoy it and don`t ask questions.

Mike Penick says he'll have another 500 dozen ears for sale at his stand Friday and more than that at the downtown farmers market on Saturday.