SUMMER FUN: Iowa County Fairs Underway

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The Iowa State Fair is less than a month away and its precursors, the county and regional fairs, are welcoming visitors across the state.

“It’s fun, you get to get your cows all spiffy, you get all spiffy and show ‘em what you’ve been working on all year,” says Paige Slifer.

Slifer has graduated from school, but she helps her sister and grandmother get their animals ready to show at the Central Iowa Fair Marshalltown.

The fair runs Thursday through Sunday morning.

There will be live music, a pie eating contest and something called cow-lympics Thursday afternoon. That’s a competition in stacking hay, herding cattle, and shucking corn.

If you have kids looking for activities, Jodi Breniman with the Central Iowa Fair Board says your local county fair is a good place to find it.

“This is a great place to come out and see what kind of activities they can get involved in. Every county in the state of Iowa has an extension service, so you can just call your extension agency and they’ll get you hooked up with a 4H club,” says Breniman.

There’s a newer competition for the young people at the fair, it’s hay- bale decorating. Participants turn the hay into a work of art, which are then displayed around the Central Iowa Fairgrounds.