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GAS LEAK: Urbandale Residents Can Return Home

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Residents of an Urbandale neighborhood that were evacuated earlier Friday because of a large gas main break are now able to return to their homes.

Urbandale police say a quarter-mile radius around 142nd and Maple was evacuated. Officials called to notify residents of the evacuation and also went door to door.

The break was reported around 11:15 p.m. MidAmerican Energy says a third-party contractor ruptured the gas main.

Randy Peterson with the Urbandale Police Department says the situation was dangerous because some of the gas from the break has made its way into the sewer system and that increases the chance it could explode.

The levels of gas in the sewer were monitored and have returned to a safe level, allowing residents to return to their homes. They are asked to air out their homes when they return and if they continue to smell gas, immediately leave and contact MidAmerican Energy.

Roads in the neighborhood were temporarily blocked as crews worked on the break. That work has now been completed.