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ROLFE ROCKING: Town Celebrating Anniversary

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The northern Iowa town of Rolfe town is celebrating its sesquicentennial this weekend.

The centerpiece of that celebration is carved in stone.

Freedom Rock number two is the first new painting on the 99 county tour.

“Bubba Ray Sorenson he got a hold of us and we wound up putting the first Freedom Rock in for Pocahontas County,” says Dan Allen.

The Veteran memorial piece is in good company. In 1982 Dan Allen and his brother Roger Allen salvaged some rural barns to build, what’s known locally as the bud barn where they keep their collection of Clysdales horses.

Dan’s brother who helped build the barn, Roger also carved a map of the United States in stone.

The brothers are fascinated with stone and rock having built a stone mountain for their grandkids and a fire pit. Dan also spent 7 years turning a swamp in town into a community park.

But clearly, the town was still missing something… a giant rocking horse.

It was revealed this week but the original Clydesdale sculpture was built years ago. It’s been converted into the pink rocking horse visitors see now.

Dan puts it down to, “What grandkids want grandkids get.”

The new pink color is to honor Dan’s wife who has battled breast cancer for two years but is now cancer free.

“We didn’t realize how many people have had breast cancer in our area. We done this just for the awareness of breast cancer,” Dan says.

With all to see, the Allens welcome people to stop anytime and there is no admission charge,

“There's hardly a day goes by people don't stop people you don't know and have never met. I meet a lot of interesting people over the years,” Dan says.

The pink rocking horse will be the main attraction in the sesquicentennial parade Saturday morning.