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SOLDIERS HOME: Father Meets Newborn Daughter

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For sixty members of the Iowa National Guard’s 1034th Combat Battalion, Saturday was the first time they had seen loved ones in a year.

One man met his newborn daughter for the first time.

"It's all I thought about. Especially when I found out she was going into labor and I couldn't be there,” said Sgt. Anthony Niswander.

Sergeant Niswander was stationed in Afghanistan when his now three month old daughter Olivia was born.

He had seen her through pictures and Skype, but didn't get to see his daughter face-to-face until a homecoming ceremony Saturday afternoon.

After the national anthem and a quick welcome home, members of the guard were free to unite with their loved ones.

"We've been talking about his since he left but now he's coming home and we were so excited,” said Sgt. Niswander’s wife, Susan.

No extra diapers or bottles for Sgt. Niswander.

His wife just wants him to focus on getting to know his two girls.