LEMONADE STAND: 12-Year-Old Holds Fundraiser

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While many boys spend their Saturdays sleeping in and goofing off, 12-year-old Jacob Degroat sets up his lemonade stand. Jacob says, “A lot of people like lemonade stands, so we just thought that we’d have one with cookies to make it even better.”

He’s no newbie when it comes to selling snacks; in fact this is his third year in a row. A seasoned vet he says marketing makes a world’s difference.

But it’s not business model or his work ethic that makes him different from other boys his age. It’s what he’s doing with the money he earns. He donates all his earnings to furry friends refuge, a no kill animal rescue center.

Executive director for Furry Friends Refuge, Britt Gagne says, “He couldn’t see doing anything else other than spending his Saturday helping so that he can make sure that those kittens are going to have a chance at a good life and a good home.”

Volunteers say adults could learn from Jacob’s example. Gagne says, “Absolutely, role models can be in little packages sometimes.”

Taking a quick snack break Jacob says there’s only one thing sweeter than the treats he’s selling is getting to play with the puppies he’s working so hard to help.