LION DEATH: Zoo Mourns Passing Of Gavivi

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A member of the Blank Park Zoo’s lion pride has passed away following an illness.

Gavivi, a 16-year-old female lion, was diagnosed with mammary cancer in 2012 but continued to have a high quality of life and remained active. Following a sudden decrease in her health, zoo officials decided to humanely euthanize her.

“She was instrumental in accepting our new male lion Deuce into the pride,” said Bonnie VanEllen, animal supervisor. “She was a very loving creature that will be missed dearly.”

Gavivi came to the Blank Park Zoo in 1999 when she was just two-years-old. Visitors recognized her because she was missing a portion of her tail.

The zoo plans to bring in a female lion of breeding age in hopes of increasing the dwindling lion population