LOLO WOE: Athlete Allegedly Throws Punch

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Sports website Deadspin is reporting Olympic athlete Lolo Jones was involved in a bar fight in Lake Placid, NY last Friday.

An article posted on the site and authored by Barry Petchesky says a source “with knowledge of the situation” told him about the incident involving the famous hurdler, who is trying to qualify for the 2014 Winter Olympics in the sport of bobsled.

The source tells Deadspin Jones punched the stepdaughter of Tony Carlino while at a Lake Placid bar named Roomers Night Club. Carlino runs the track at Lake Placid and is a former head coach of the U.S. team.

Another source, who claims to have been a witness to the events, contacted Deadspin and said Carlino’s stepdaughter was visibly intoxicated and confronted Jones verbally. Jones allegedly pushed her to the ground and left the bar. The stepdaughter followed Jones outside where a bouncer had to separate them.

According to the source, the bobsled athletes were told by U.S. Bobsled Federation officials to keep the incident quiet.

Lolo competed in the Beijing and London Olympic games in the 100 meter hurdles.

You can read the entire Deadspin article here.