MARTIN RALLY: ‘No Justice’ For Slain Teen

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Dozens spoke out against the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial at a rally at the state capital Tuesday night.

"I'm just like y'all." Preacher Rob Johnson of the Union Baptist Church told the crowd, "I may be a preacher but when I heard that verdict I was pissed off."

Folks at the rally say there was no justice for Trevon Martin.

A Florida jury determined Zimmerman did not murder Martin when he fatally shot the teen during a scuffle.

Drake law professor Robert Rigg says, had the case been tried here in Iowa, the verdict may have been the same. "Yes, it would have been an effective defense." Rigg says,  "Whether or not it would succeed we don't know but the point being it's a defense that was well thought through, well presented and given to the jury in a cohesive fashion.”

Obviously, Rigg says the final decision would be left in the hands of a jury.