STOLEN SAFE: Silver Taken To Des Moines

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Thieves stole a safe filled with a $250,000 in silver in Marshalltown last week, now the private detective investigating says they’re getting closer to the people who stole it.

Private Investigator Craig Brooks told Channel 13 there has been a steady stream of leads leading him right to the thieves.

"We've got a lot of leads.  Leads are coming in today. Right before I came here I just got some more information,” Brooks says.

“We know some of this property, some of these bars were taken down to Des Moines, and we know where they were taken.  We know they received the money for them.  I know how the money was split up."

The antique safe was stolen from a Marshalltown apartment where it has been stored for almost 70 years.

The owner tells us the silver belonged to her father and represents a lifetime of hard work and savings.

Memorabilia and two rifles her father had from his service in World War II were also stolen.

Brooks believes there are several people involved with the theft.

"I’m estimating there's maybe eight, maybe ten people involved, you talk about everybody, even the people that's received the stolen property, and I’m sure some people have knowledge that it was stolen when they purchased it so,” Brookes says.

There is a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

The steady stream of leads, Brooks says, is proof there is no honor among thieves.

"I would say some of it is reward, some of it is revenge… ‘I didn't get my share.’"

The private detective has now passed the information over to the police. Arrests are expected shortly.