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AVERAGE JOE: Iowan Wants to Be Common Man In D.C.

Gabriel De La Cerda pledges to get his boots working for Iowans.

De La Cerda, a former worker at the Firestone-Bridgestone tire plant in Des Moines and current college student, held a news conference Tuesday to announce his first public endorsement.

Wilbur Wilson of Des Moines, De La Cerda's former co-worker, offered to help him in the Democratic primary for the Iowa's Third Congressional District.

Wilson said, "It seems like I always work to elect a banker, a stockbroker or a lawyer and I always wished an average Joe that worked where I worked would run."

De La Cerda said he is that average Joe, or actually average Jose. Jose is his middle name.

He stood behind a table that held a pair of his work boots and Wilson's old work boots. De La Cerda said, "Working class gets work done. When I get to Washington, D.C., these boots are going to do some rear-end kicking and lot of work."

Former state senator Staci Appel, of Ackworth, has also announced that she will seek her party's nomination.


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