CAMPING OPTIONS: Water Works Park Hosts Riders

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Tuesday’s riders had a short leg of almost 50 miles that began in Perry. Their destination… Des Moines.

It's RAGBRAI’s first overnight stop in Iowa’s capital city in 16 years.

First, riders went through Minburn, Dallas Center and Van Meter before arriving in the metro where they’ll be camping at Waterworks Park.

Des Moines Water Works says 10,000 people are camping in the park  all with slightly different ways of spending their night in Des Moines.

A group of riders from Kentucky has what you may call first class accommodations, “In this RV we have sleeping accommodations for four. We have one person overhead.”

The RV protected them from the storms Monday night but not everyone stayed quite as dry.

Many choose to rough it opting for tents and clothes lines over the luxuries of an RV.

“Just roll them out. Perfect!“ explains a group of riders from Seattle. They say good company is all they're really looking for.

“Those people that like staying comfortable, more power to them. We like the tent. There's room for everybody.”

There will be room for everyone bright and early when riders leave Water Works Park for Knoxville.

road closuresWhen they leave, drivers can expect some delays. The cyclists will exit the east gate of Water Works Park onto northbound Fleur Drive.

From Fleur they will ride east on Martin Luther King Parkway to East Sixth Street then they turn north to Walnut Street.

At Walnut they will turn east and follow it to the state fairgrounds.

Officials say these roads should be open by noon.