MURPHY’S LAW: Braun Award, Butler Shirt, Sandlot Reunion

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When asked about Aaron Hernandez, Tom Brady says, “I have moved on.” Some people say that’s cold. What do they expect Brady to say? …

Matt Kemp is right. Ryan Braun should be stripped of his MVP. That would make the winner… Matt Kemp. …

The Bulls Jimmy Butler recently had his picture taken in this shirt:

butlerThe photo made the rounds through social media. Butler answered the criticism, as reported by USA Today:

In regards to the picture that is circulating… It was early last year and the shirt simply matched my shoes. In no way do I support the message written on the shirt. I sincerely apologize to any of my fans who may have been offended. Much love, JB.

Points for originality. No one’s buying, but Butler tried. He wore it because it matched his shoes. That’s must be why my dad wore this shirt:

dad pee in poolsThe cast of the Sandlot reunited for a cool photo at the field where the movie was filmed:

SANDLOTI’ve watched the movie many times, but I can’t identify all the characters, now in their 30s. It’s no problem picking out The Great Hambino and Squints Palledorous though. And is that Smalls in the 80s sunglasses? You’re killin’ me Smalls. …