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SOGGY START: Riders Dry Out And Roll On

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RAGBRAI riders woke up with soggy tents Tuesday morning in Perry, but it didn’t seem to bother them much.

Many were packing up before the sun came up. Rick Hill says, “"We like getting up in the morning and beating the heat."

First Time Rider Bethany Iverson from Wisconsin says, "I got a sun burn yesterday. I slept in an inch of water." Another rider from Chicago says, “We decided to check the tents and see how many puddles there are that were inside, which there were several."

A storm moved through Monday, just as riders were getting ready to call it a night. Hill says, "As soon as they said evacuations, it dumped immediately. Whoa, so everybody ran inside the center over here."

Campers took cover in nearby buildings to escape rain, wind and even hail. Perry Volunteer Robin Burke says, "I talked to a gentleman who was from Arizona and he thought it was a blast. I guess they don't get a lot of hail there."

By 7 a.m. Riders had cleaned up most of the campground in Perry with the exception of overflowing trash cans. Burke says, "I'm sure the city crew is going to have a pretty good time, but Perry city crews did an awesome job setting everything up."

A greeter in Dallas Center shouted to the riders, "Good morning, welcome to Dallas Center, pies from scratch, cinnamon rolls from scratch." Early birds rolled into Dallas Center and grabbed a bite to eat before 8 a.m.

With clouds and temperatures in the sixties, no one took advantage of a cooling center, but riders did donate dollars for a chance to dunk a volunteer. Outside of town, cyclists enjoyed ideal weather. Iverson says, "I'm looking forward to it. It's much shorter today, so I think I'll breeze through it." Hill says, "The whole ride is wonderful, wonderful."

Day Three was a 49.9 mile trek to Des Moines with addition stops in Van Meter and historic Valley Junction.