CLEAN UP: Picking Up After RAGBRAI

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RAGBRAI organizers started cleaning up Des Moines before the party even ended late Tuesday night.

Clean-up crews worked over night into the morning hours to pick up trash. The majority of the garbage was found at campsites and on the downtown bridges.

Rider, Bob Stone says he had no choice but to litter at his campsite.

“We didn`t see any trash bins or any place to put it, so a lot of people just left them in the grass.”

RAGBRAI operations chair, Chris Diebel says there were minor hiccups during the overnight stay. He says the city was well prepared for trash removal.

“As you can see the organization was key, as you can see today you can barely tell we were even here,” says Diebel.

All trash pick-ups were paid for entirely by fundraisers, not tax payer dollars.