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A woman was taken to the hospital Wednesday afternoon with head and chest injuries after plowing her SUV into an Urbandale house.

It happened on Urbandale Avenue near 68th Street a little before 1:30 p.m. Police believe the woman had some kind of medical emergency and lost control of her car, missing a tree and fire hydrant by inches before slamming into the house.

No one was home at the time. Overall, police say, everyone involved was very lucky.  "Being the middle of the day…a gorgeous day at that, and thankfully there were no kids running or on their bicycles. No mom pushing a stroller,” says Urbandale Police Officer Randy Peterson, “So when it's all said and done property can be fixed.  A person's life can't.”

Police have not yet released the woman's name or condition, but witnesses say she was conscious and talking when she was taken to the hospital.