AGRIBUSINESS: EPA’s Release of Personal Information Leads to Introduction of Senate Legislation

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Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley and Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly have introduced legislation to protect livestock and poultry farmers from having personal information released by the Environmental Protection Agency.
The bill stems from the release of the personal information of more than 80,000 livestock and poultry owners from across the country to three activist groups. Grassley’s office notes the EPA disclosed information on people in Iowa owning as few as one pig and an individual who owned 12 horses.
In fact - he says a large number of those the EPA released data on did not meet the definition of a Consolidated Animal Feeding Operation. According to Grassley - this is just another in a pattern of egregious overreach by the federal bureaucracy. He says the idea that government knows best was bad for the IRS and is bad for the EPA. He says a lot of Iowans were concerned with the EPA’s actions and he can at least try to make sure this doesn't happen again.