ART SALE: Kenyan Art Helps Des Moines Family

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A Des Moines man allegedly beaten by three teenagers during a car-jacking earlier this year is getting help from the community.

Since February Mike Wasike has been recovering.  Police say, Wasike from his car at gunpoint and beat him up, leaving him with severe brain trauma.

“He`s almost about the same because he is not able to talk, he can`t see, he cannot eat on his own he`s on a feeding tube and he can`t walk neither can he stand,” says Waskie’s wife Joan Namachemo.

Namachemo is out-of-town trying to find a long-term care facility for her husband.

She says because of his condition, Wasike will need specialized care that she couldn’t find in Iowa.

Chip Peterson of Chip's Picks heard Namachemo’s story and wanted to help.

“I was devastated, it`s one thing to know or hear about it happening to somebody you don`t know but to have it happen to somebody you`ve been to gatherings with and know from the social circle it`s terrible,” says Peterson.

Namachemo's family members in Kenya have donated hand-crafted artwork for Peterson to sell at his store.

All the profits will go to help pay for medical costs.

Also, a portion of other items from Africa will also go back to help the family.

“What would I want someone to do if this happened to me, I would want someone to help my wife and kids,” says Peterson.

Wasike was the primary provider for his family and because he is not a U.S. citizen, his family won't receive any social security disability payments.

Namachemo says that makes any earned income at Skip’s Picks vital.

“It will be very helpful to me, it will really support me with gas and accommodations and everything,” says Namachemo.

Peterson says it’s his way of giving back.

“If nothing else if this brings in a little extra income from Joan than it`s served its purpose,” says Peterson.

The three teens accused in the car-jacking are charged with First Degree Robbery.  A trial is set up for August 19th.

You can check out Chip's Picks by visiting his store at 2785 Broadway Avenue in Des Moines.

Peterson says you can also check out some of the items for sale by visiting the store's Facebook Page.