TDAP VACCINE: Free Immunization Clinic

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While some handle it better than others, no one likes getting a shot. But Nurse Tonia Gillespie says she actually enjoys giving shots.

Gillespie says, “I enjoy doing that because I know it’s part of their wellness and in the long run it may be a little bit of pain, but it`s going to keep them well over the long term of their life.”

Starting this school year all seventh graders in Iowa will be required to get an additional shot called Tdap. Lupe Gomez says, “Well if it helps them from getting sick I’m fine with it.”

The vaccine booster shot provides protection against a couple diseases, including whooping cough, which saw a 417 percent spike in cases last year in the state.

The Polk County Department of Public Health is giving away shots for free, trying to make them as pain-free as possible, at least for the parents` pocketbooks.

While none of her patients enjoy needles, when asked if they would prefer getting sick vs. an extra prick in arm they all said the same thing. Devon Moore says, “I guess the shot.”