SEXUAL ASSAULT: Former Iowa Cop Charged

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A former Muscatine police officer, who resigned in February, has been charged with third degree sexual assault.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety says 46-year-old Thomas Tovar, who was with the Muscatine Police Department, is charged in connection with a traffic stop earlier this year.

Investigators say Tovar assisted in a stop on February 13th where the female passenger of a vehicle was intoxicated. Tovar transported the female to her hotel.

She says she remembers the OWI stop but doesn’t remember much about how she got to the hotel. The woman says she remembers a man being on top of her on the bed at the hotel and that he was wearing clothing with uniform-like material.

When a friend arrived at the hotel later that morning to check on the woman, she was found naked on the bed in a fetal position.

A complaint was made to the Muscatine Police Department about the incident later that morning.

Investigators say after several interviews and the analysis of evidence, including DNA, they determined there was enough probable cause to charge Tovar with third degree sexual assault.

Tovar was arrested Thursday and is being held in the Louisa County Jail.