SHOPPING SPREE: Couple Spends Found Money

A Des Moines couple is under arrest after police say they took a bag full of money that didn't belong to them and went on a spending spree.

Police say Tyler Critchlow, 20, and his girlfriend, Samantha Jackman, 20, saw a bag filled with $23,000 fall out of an armored car. Instead of reporting the money, the couple took it to Merle Hay Mall.

Speaking from the Polk County Jail, Jackman says she is sorry and wasn't thinking straight because there was so much money.

"I want people to know that that isn't me.  Like, that's not who am." Jackman said, "It was just a spur of the moment, like holy crap that's a lot of money, so we took it and it was stupid and very very wrong."

We tried to talk with the folks at Rochester Armored Car Company in Des Moines, they kicked us off the property.  Jackman and Critchlow both face felony theft charges.

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