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LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: 48 Hour Film Project

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Short films were written, filmed, and edited not in Hollywood, but in living rooms and attics right here in Des Moines this weekend.

The rules of the 48 Hour Film Project which has expanded to 135 cities worldwide are simple, but getting the films done in time is the challenge.

“We have a shared interest in not sleeping,” said John Hansen, a filmmaker.

Teams have to create a film four to seven minutes long with a theme they didn’t select and have just 48 hours to do it.

John Hansen’s team, called “Last to Enter” drew fantasy.

“We came up this concept that was a duel personality that does one thing imagining one thing during the day, and does something else at night,” Hansen told Channel 13 News.

John’s crew is small with just fifteen people.

A handful act while others like Rachel Abel help out however they can.

“There are so many roles out there. You need someone to hold the microphone, someone behind the camera, and you want someone to be checking over the script,” said Abel.

The final product is a film that won’t bring in $200 million dollars at the box office.

However, it does allow everyone involved to pursue their passion for film.

“You do get a little bit of money, but it’s for people that love to make films and for people who have day jobs,” said Hansen.

The short films will air this Wednesday and Thursday at Fleur Cinema.

The top twelve will play again on August 15th.

$1,000 dollars and a spot in the international competition is at stake.