ROAD CLOSURE: Clive Businesses Affected

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Mickey`s Irish Pub can pack in up to 200 hundred people, but today, there's plenty of room.

Sundays are generally slow, but owner Shawn Allen says this is beyond slow -- it`s dead.

Half of his regular sales down the drain because of something happening down the road. All the construction along 86th street hasn`t helped businesses lately, but there's always been at least one lane open for traffic until Sunday.

When crews closed the one mile stretch from Hickman to University, Allen says they basically closed his bar for the day. Construction manager Brian Beaird says, “There`s really nothing you can say. You try to ease the pain as much as you can. I know they got business to do, but so do we and that`s for the public`s best interest.”

Allen`s customers aren`t the only ones being blocked off from construction, in the past six hours Mexican Market has had three customers and they all walked here.

Looking to lure in customers Allen advertised a drink special. Allen says, “The first drink you`ll get today will be on the house today if you can manage to make your way here.”

But so far, he only has one taker. Allen says, “I think everybody is just laughing about it. Kind of joking around a bit about it. It is what it is. Like I said we`ll deal with it, and tomorrow we`re open again and we`ll be back to normal.”

With the road opening up sooner than expected, and a little luck, this Irish pub will be business as usual by Monday.