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FARM BILL: No Recess Until Resolution – Braley

Posted on: 4:58 pm, July 30, 2013, by

Bruce Braley

Representative Bruce Braley is calling on the Speaker of the House, John Boehner to keep congress from taking its August recess until it passes a farm bill.

Earlier this month, the House passed a partisan version of the bill. It did not address the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The Senate has passed a more comprehensive bill including a nutrition program.

Braley is urging Speaker Boehner to bring up the Senate bill on the House floor.

“Passing a long-term farm bill is a necessity for rural America. Farmers and agricultural producers have waited too long for the certainty that a five-year farm bill provides,” Rep. Braley said. “Without a Farm Bill to provide predictability, it’s harder for farmers to invest in the future – to create jobs and grow the economy.”

The bill expires on September 30th.

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