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MORNING BUZZ: Consequences, Three Pinocchios and Bucket List

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Good Morning!
I’m going to try to make this quick. I find myself with less to say anyway these days.

I’m sure some parents of kids who bully at school would be appalled to see how their kids act. I’m sure they don’t know it’s happening….
When my kids are old enough I want to head it off at the pass. I will be telling my kids stories like the one out of Southeast Polk this week. Straightforward. If you do this to someone…if you participate…if you don’t step in and stop it, you are complicit. Graham Gillette had a great article about the District response to these kinds of incidents too.
I was involved in a Catholic Youth Group at my parish when I was a teenager. We sometimes talked about issues like depression and suicide. Kids opened up and shared with each other and supported each other. A parent heard we were talking about the issue of teen suicide and got the Youth Director fired. Her logic and the logic of the Priest running the parish at the time was: If you don’t talk about it…kids won’t think about it. How’s that going with teen sex?
I don’t like the idea of talking about these subjects with my boys when they are old enough…but its my job.

Three Pinocchio
SO the stories surrounding what Rep Steve King said haven’t faded. Here is the latest…an assessment from the Washington Post’s Fact Checkers…generally though of as some of the best in the business.

Allegiant airlines will announce a new Florida destination today. I’m guessing Ft Myers.

Bucket List
I’ve added a Golf Course to the top five I’ve played so far. Interlachen Country Club was everything I’d built it up to be in my mind. From the memorabilia of Bobby Jones winning the US Open there to the superb professional caddie (one of the loopers we walked with was going out on the mini-tours himself next week and the other is going to try to get on the bag of an up and coming player set to play in the US Amateur Finals), to the masterful golf architecture Donald Ross sprinkled through every hole of the course…it was the most fun I’ve had on the golf course in a long time. Oh, and Sally’s Cousin looked lovely at her wedding too. That’s why we were in Minneapolis in the 1st place.
A side note to the trip…my parents survived their 72 hour run with my kids. Friday night we got a text from my parents saying they were headed out for some ice cream and then home for a bath and bedtime…it’s was at 9:18 PM! About an hour later Sally got another text of them eating donuts at the kitchen counter. Needless to say they love their Grandparents more than they love us.

Hope you have a good week!