AGRIBUSINESS: EWG Releases Wetland Loss Report

The Environmental Working Group has published an interactive map showing U.S. counties that have experienced the most dramatic conversions of wetlands, nearby habitat and highly erodible land to row crops as commodity prices have risen.

EWG’s research shows the most dramatic wetlands loss has occurred in the Dakotas and Minnesota. Of all highly erodible land converted to cropland, 57% has occurred in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Montana, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas.

EWG Senior Vice President for Ag and Natural Resources Craig Cox says the data strongly suggests over-subsidized insurance policies are greasing the wheels of conversion to row crops, so the EWG has called for the farm bill to include conservation compliance for crop insurance and a sodsaver provision to reduce crop insurance premium subsidies on native prairie or grassland planted with crops.


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