TRAIN RESCUE: Ames man pushes couple stuck in stalled car off the tracks

RailRoad rescue

Chris Ihle calls himself a conservative banker. Ihle says, “I don’t drive very fast. 3 kids. Live pretty much through their activities and their sports and pleasing Elizabeth. Which is a full time job right there.”

But this full-time father took on another job this week when he saw trouble on the train tracks. Ihle says, “You could hear the squealing of the brakes from the train. You know the horns were going at the intersection.”

Co-workers watched as Ihle pushed a couple stuck inside their stalled car off the tracks. Co-worker Chris Vry says, “I don’t know how he jumped but his foot was this far from getting sucked under that train.”

Every sense heightened Ihle says he could even smell the train. Channel 13 asks, “What did it smell like?”

Ihle says, “Fear. My fear.”

But that fear didn’t materialize… until afterwards. Ihle says, “I mean I was just shell-shocked I just kind of quietly walked into the bank and quietly made a cup of coffee.”

Vry says, “Chris honestly had no idea where he was at in the bank. He just ran in and almost dropped to his knees because he was shaking so much.”

Ihle is still a little shaken up from his tumble with the train, but says his number one fear remains the same.

Ihle says, “You know 7-year-old girls are just a lot of maintenance and so I affectionately call her the pink monster.”

He says compared to fatherhood…pushing cars, is child’s play.

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