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KATHLYNN’S HOPE: Statewide Petition For Law

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Learning what happened to Michael Shepard’s 15-year-old daughter Kathlynn can only bring his family so much closure. Shepard says, “There is an emptiness that’s impossible to fill.”

And learning that the man police say killed his daughter had a history of violent crimes brought more questions than it did closure. Shepard says, “How many had he done before that? They’re habitual offenders. They’re repeat offenders. And it’s never just one child.”

This weekend supporters of the Shepard family are asking residents to sign a petition supporting Kathlynn’s Hope Law. A law Shepard says would put people convicted of violent crimes against children in prison for life. Shepard says, “Even if they’re put away for life, they still have contact with their family. Where to what happened with us, there’s nothing.”

Shepard says nothing can ever bring him complete closure. Shepard says, “I believe that when we hear that the law has been signed then that will be the best closure we’re going to get.”

For his family, the closest thing to closure is making sure what happened to Kathlynn never happens again to someone else’s child.

To get a copy of the petition go to: