COMING TOGETHER: Helping Wasike Family

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The proceeds of an auction held today in Des Moines will go towards the family of Mike Wasike, who was carjacked and severely beaten in February.

The auction took place at Chip’s Picks Antiques & Flea Market located at 2785 NE Broadway Street in Des Moines.

Items from across the metro were donated, from furniture to art to jewelry.

Wasike is unable to walk, talk, see or feed himself. His family plans on moving him to a long term rehab facility out of state.

“I feel blessed despite what happened there`s a lot of people who think about me and who care for me,” says wife, Joan Namachemo.

The auction only raised about 1,500 dollars, they hoped to raise 20,000.Another auction will take place at the end of the month to hopefully meet that goal.