TEEN SONGWRITER: Local teen writes song for Sandy Hook Elementary

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When Sydney Lett was little, a member of the Lakota Sioux Tribe told her she had an old soul. But years later when she got to high school, all Sydney felt was being different than everyone else. Her bright red lipstick and cowboy boots became targets from classmates.  Sydney says, “I could never win. I would sit down at a lunch table and everyone would move and nobody would talk to me and I’d walk through the hallways and people would laugh.”

She no longer felt that light around her, just darkness and she couldn’t get out of it. So she sang what she couldn’t say. Sydney says, “Music is what got me through it.

Mother Stacy Lett says writing about dark things like losing three of her friends to suicide actually saved her daughter. Stacy says, “She feels things so deeply that`s what makes her the songwriter she is. But it`s also why these things affect her so drastically too and that`s a concern to me.”

After hearing about the shootings that killed students at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary Sydney wrote a song called “Angels Still Cry.”

Sydney says, “I feel like this song should go to their parents to make them know that they`re ok. That they are angels now and as bad as it was that they`re ok now.”

Singing her songs isn`t easy, but with her mom`s support and her love for music: she performs through her own pain in the hopes that she can bring light into other people`s lives.