2016 ELECTION: GOP Consider Straw Poll’s Future

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A Texas senator’s repeated visits to Iowa are drawing speculations about a 2016 presidential run.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz visited Iowa last month and will return this weekend to attend the FAMiLY LEADER summit in Ames and will be back in October to deliver the keynote address at the Ronald Reagan Dinner, one of the Iowa republican party’s biggest fundraisers.

The Republican Party of Iowa’s straw poll is another major fundraiser but critics say last year’s results proved to be such a bust, Iowa should end the event.

Skeptics point to republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann who won the event in 2011 only to see her support collapse in the caucuses five months later.

Governor Branstad previosuly called for an end to the straw poll  and retaliated Monday he would be okay with a group like the FAMiLY LEADER holding its own straw poll instead.

“Anybody who wants to can have a straw poll and I think that’s fine. I don’t have a problem with that at all. My interest is protecting the Iowa precinct caucuses. That’s the first real test of voters both republicans and democrats.”

Iowa Republican Party chairman, A.J. Spiker is yet to say if the straw poll will continue.