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A two car crash on Highway 141 near Granger sent three people to the hospital Saturday.  Two of them are still there.  It happened around 12pm at the intersection of Highway 141 and NW 121st Street. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office says the three women were hit  by a car trying to cross the highway.

“It appears that Trevor Howland was traveling southbound on a 121st Street and was attempting to cross Highway 141 and crossed into the path of Rebecca Meinecke’s vehicle that was traveling westbound on 141,” says Sgt. Brent Long.

24-year-old Howland was cited for failure to yield at a stop sign.  He and his passenger were not hurt in the crash.  The women in the other car are being treated for half a dozen broken and cracked bones.

“It's a bad intersection,” says neighbor Richard Cervetti.

“If there's any place in Des Moines or anywhere where I'm extra, extra caution, it's that intersection,” says Heidi Bibler.

She was hit at the same intersection a few years back.

“I looked, didn't see anybody, just saw the person turning, but what happened was somebody was behind them at the right angle that I couldn't see them,” she says.

In the last year, the Iowa DOT added warning signs and flashing lights on Northwest 121st Street.  Some neighbors want to see stop light there.

“They get in that turning lane and it blocks the view of the cars behind it and they pull out.  I bet it happens every two weeks or three weeks, there's an accident at that corner,” says Cervetti.

“I don’t know that any intersection on out there necessarily on 141 is one that we can say is 100% needs a stop light,” says Long.

Authorities say drivers need to take their time and be careful at every intersection.