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MURPHY’S LAW: Cyclone Throwbacks, Premature Celebration, Save Floppy

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Either Alex Rodriguez has lost it, or he’s convinced himself he’s done nothing wrong. As his world burns around him, Rodriguez plays with matches, and sings Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

A-Rod appears to seek sympathy, but feeling sorry for a man who’s made $350 million, largely–it appears–because he cheated his way to inflated numbers, is not happening.

Good line from Baseball Tonight’s Curt Schilling: “A-Rod is playing third, batting fourth, and pleading the fifth.”.

Nelson Cruz accepts his 50 games suspension, but blames his PED use on a GI disorder. Give us a break, Nelson. You went to a shady Miami wellness clinic, known for distributing PEDs to athletes, seeking help for your stomach problems? Be glad you only get 50 games, that you can return to the Rangers for the playoffs, and that you still have a huge contract that won’t be voided.  Stop making stupid excuses.

If you feel like Major League Baseball has caught up in the cheating arms race, keep in mind not a single player of the 13 suspended tested positive for PEDs. MLB caught them with a paper trail. Lance Armstrong, among others, showed if you have the means, you can beat the tests.

A-Rod isn’t the only one who can’t get out of his own way, Johnny Manziel, stands accused of selling his autograph for big money. If there’s one rule any NCAA player understands, it’s that one. A strong case can be made players should have the rights to profit from their own names and likenesses, but that’s a separate discussion. The rule is in place. If Manziel broke it, he’s suspended. And that would stink. He’s good for college football.

Texas A&M plays Alabama September 14th. In a game that will receive slightly less national attention that day, Iowa plays Iowa State.

The Cyclones will wear throwbacks from the Jack Trice era. As throwbacks go, I think these are sharp. Thank goodness ISU changed to the true school colors of cardinal and gold a few years ago. The yellow and red would have made these uniforms too much Ronald McDonald:

isu Throwbacks 4Jeff Woody appears to have drawn the “don’t cross your arms” short straw.

Nice to see Keenan Davis catch a touchdown pass for the Dolphins Sunday night. He’s already equaled his total at Iowa last season. And no one can blame that on Ken O’Keefe. In fact, you can give O’Keefe credit for Davis and Marvin McNutt getting a shot in Miami.

keenanHawkeyes have Lunch With Lynch scheduled for August 31st at Kinnick Stadium. We’ll know more then if this Heisman mail I received Monday matters:

lynch lunch

Our Great Call Tournament on the Murph & Andy Show is down to two: Al Michaels’ “Miracle On Ice” vs Howard Cosell’s “Down Goes Frazier!”.

Meghan Rutledge had an X-Games race won until she made the mistake of a premature celebration:

And NBC’s Jimmy Fallon takes the Save Floppy movement to the next level: