CASINO VOTE: Greene County Says ‘Yes’

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Greene County voters were asked to roll the dice Tuesday and decide whether or not they wanted to bring a casino to their community.

The results are in and it was a landslide. 75% of voters said ‘yes’ to bringing in a casino.

Just 25-percent were opposed as 56-percent of voters came out to the polls.

While the community is ready for the election to be over, the high interest issue led to high voter turnout.

As soon as the polls opened in Jefferson there was a steady stream all day.

“The idea that it will help our non-profits, that will help bring more people to town,  that will uptown as lively as it is today, would be all a good thing,” voter Chris Henning said.

Jessica chapman was more concerned about what else a new casino will bring to town.

“I was against the casino. The reason I voted that way is I have family in law enforcement and I personally believe it will cause more work for them.”

For months the yard sign campaign pitted neighbor against neighbor.

Some households were split on the vote.

“The wife says no, but I’m going yes.  We'll cancel each other out.  That's the way it goes,” Ron Guess joked.

Guess says it's too good of a deal to pass up. Even if his wife didn’t agree, the majority of the county does.

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission plans to conduct a study to identify the underserved and underperforming markets across the state.

The results should be complete by March 2014. The commission says it probably won't make any decisions until that time.