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FANS REACT: A-Rod Makes MLB Appearance

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Just hours after being suspended from baseball over performance enhancing drugs, Alex Rodriguez was in the lineup Monday night for the New York Yankees.

Rodriguez is allowed to keep playing while he appeals the suspension but he heard it from the crowd Monday night as he stepped up to the plate in Chicago.

Rodriguez was one of 13 players suspended Monday. The other 12 players received 50 game suspensions for using performing-enhancing drugs. The PEDs allegedly provided by the now defunct anti-aging clinic in Florida, biogenesis.

Rodriguez's punishment is far worse. The top-paid player's suspension, effective Thursday, is through the 2014 season - 211 games without pay, which could cost him $31 million.

Major League Baseball's commissioner said in statement the suspension "is based on his role and possession of numerous performance enhancing substances including testosterone, and human growth hormone over the course of multiple years."

fb repliesMLB officials also allege Rodriguez attempted to cover up his violations and obstruct their investigation. Rodriguez says he'll appeal.

It has been a hot topic on social media.

On our Facebook page, Terry Clayton says "He needs to be a man and accept the punishment. Do not do the crime if you cannot do the time."

Scott Nepple weighs in, "I think he is going to play the rest of the year and retire."

Ahna De Lorea wrote "If he appeals and wins, he will be opening the door for others to follow. Which is wrong. It's always about the money."

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The White Sox won the game, 8-1.