WEEKLY WORKOUT: Cap City Fitness

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It looks and sounds like a gym.  But it's not.  It's a church - a church that practices what it preaches.

"We wanted to find some way to serve the community and this is what we came up with," says Mary Hall, Fitness Center Director.

Capital City Church is the home of Cap City Fitness.  It offers about twenty classes a week and a ten week program called 4-D fitness.  Anne Shoenauer is one of the instructors.

"4-D fitness is a class that encompasses nutrition, strength, cardio and core."

The class we're taking, Body Shock, is part of the program.

"It’s an advanced level class, so it’s pretty high intensity," says Schoenauer.

There are eight stations.  The sprint with a burpee is first, followed by spidermans with a plank, lunges with a lift, the sandbag swing, push-ups with a plank, lunges with a bicep curl, and finally, lateral lunges with a resistance band.

“We love it when friends are competing," says Schoenauer.

Instructors take advantage of our competitive nature by writing our times on a white-board.  But we're not done yet.  We repeat the entire circuit two more times.

"We take our fitness seriously,” says Hall.

Shelly Northway agrees, "It's awesome!"

Northway has lost more than 50-pounds and 34-inches while on the program.  She says cost was a big factor in choosing Cap City.

"Some of the other programs are $300 to $400, and there’s no way I could afford that.”

A ten week program at Cap City costs as little as $15.  For many of these members, that's a real blessing.

"It just motivated me to back into fitness," says Northway.  "Here I am.  I love it."

The next ten week session at Cap City Fitness starts August 19.