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FAIR DEAL: Leftovers Served At Shelter

The Iowa State Fair is helping feed the hungry.  A group of volunteers is making meals with all the leftover food contest entries.

“There’s so much need for the food,” says Dixie Ruggles.

Ruggles packs up the unclaimed food from the fair.   Tuesday's menu included food made with honey and baked beans.  Twice a day, the Food Rescue Crew stops by and picks up the entries that didn’t place in the top three.

“We’ve been very fortunate,” says AJ Olson, Volunteer Programs Coordinator at Central Iowa Shelter and Services.

The fair teamed up with the shelter to keep the non-winning food entries from going to waste.  The food today will be served for lunch tomorrow.  Olson says people are enjoying the fair food.

“We've had some interesting combinations of pasta so far,  but overall, I've had the most amazing breads come in and things I've had no idea people even made,” he says.

The Food Rescue Crew works with local restaurants and businesses to keep prepared food from ending up in the trash.


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