EXTREME HEAT: Area Cooling Centers

ALICE TRAINING: Shooter Drill At Schools

Waterloo schools are the latest to get onboard with an active shooter training program.

Teachers and staff are undergoing ALICE training before the students return.

Channel 13 first told you about ALICE Training in February. It involves running away or fighting back depending on what the situation calls for.

ALICE stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuation.

District leaders hope it will empower these adults to make tough decisions, if they are forced to.

"So what's great about this, it puts you emotionally in that spot where you help strategize split second," director of school relations, Tara Thomas told KWWL.

"The most important thing in our building are the lives and safety of our kids. If we have to make the ultimate sacrifice, that's what we'll do as educators."

This is a change to the Waterloo district's previous active shooter protocol.

That called for everyone to go into lockdown mode, which police say decreases the chance of survival.


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