ERIN OFF CAMERA: Fond & Funny Fair Memories

Erin Off Camera

The Iowa State Fair is in full swing and it has me reminiscing about my time in 4-H.

record book

Sonya and I have been cracking each other up telling stories about this period in our lives.  Remember keeping a 4-H Record Book?


How about learning how to sew?  My Grandma Susan was an excellent seamstress and Mom wasn’t too shabby, either.  Me – not so much.

baking tears

Sewing and baking projects often led to some epic fights between Mom and me – hence the tear-stained face in this photo.

hate 4h

I think that episode might have led to me writing this line, “Sometimes I hate 4-H but other times I enjoy it.”

I actually had a lot of fun in 4-H and I’m glad I can manage some mending and follow a recipe because of those experiences.

Do you have some favorite (or frustrating or funny) 4-H and State Fair memories?

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