MORNING BUZZ: Lights Out, Fish Stories and a Night out at the Fair

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Good Morning…
Time to catch up on bloggging. Most of you would probably agree, you need a vacation to catch up on your life after a vacation. That’s how I’m feeling at the beginning/end of the week.
No complaints…just reality.

To The News:
Lights Out
Clive will turn its’ red light cameras back on…so they can get the money they planned for in the budget…until next Summer when they don’t have any idea how they’ll fill the huge budget gap they’ve now created by installing the red light cams. Can’t really feel bad about the Council having to sleep in the bed they made.
That said, I am still waiting for an answer to the question: Why can’t these cameras be about safety AND about revenue? Is it simply the fact that Law Enforcement has insisted it’s ALL about safety? Do you feel lied to? If you do, and these cameras are, in fact, decreasing the number of injury accidents at these intersections…do you care? Isn’t that the bottom line? If the City makes money on the deal…so be it.
Now how they USE that money should be a matter of debate. This, it seems to me is one time money…hard to budget for. Why not put it in a reserve. Use it for one time expenses…not ongoing. My simple answer to all of this is, if you don’t like the cameras…don’t run a red! I haven’t gotten one of the tickets…I haven’t pressed my luck with a yellow light. If you knew a Police officer was there…would you speed? You know there’s a camera at the light…if it’s a stale green…slow down.

Fish Stories
Our annual fishing trip to Rockbridge Missouri was the usual relax/recharge. As a lot offish you are aware, Central Missouri got hammered with rain the week before we went down there. The water was a lot higher and a lot faster than usual but it didn’t take away from the fishing. Here’s the best catch of the weekend for me.

I would have had a much better story to tell if I’d actually landed the biggest fish I hooked. It took me about ten minutes and about 250 yards of running downstream before I lost him. As the fish passed other anglers…it jumped about six or seven times…one of the guys I passed commented that he’d hooked a five and a half pounder last summer and that this trout was much bigger. In the end he snapped the hook in half. No worries…the freezer is full of fresh filets to give away to friends who like trout.

Night out at the Fair
The night after I got home we took the boys out to the Fair. This is really the first year model railroadthey could experience more of the rides and the food and the attractions…They had a blast! The highlight had to be a visit to the Central Iowa Railroad club and their train museum. It’s right by the big slide and Snakes Alive. The President of the Club gave us a back of the house tour so JT could see one of his model trains that actually blows smoke from the smokestack. He was pretty impressed. He also told us about the Golden Spike Tower. If your kids are into trains…it might be worth a trip to Nebraska to see it. It’s a museum over the largest rail yard in the world. The tours are supposed to be pretty cool. Sounds like a road trip!

Back at the fair, we rode the sky-glider for the first time…the boys had to go down the big slide, we found our favorite apple donuts in the Ag building and visited with the beekeepers upstairs. We went the Little Hands on the Farm, visited the baby animals, rode the rides on the Midway and even found time for a Corndog and a Camel ride! Needless to say everyone was pretty tired by the end of the night. I think the boys were asleep before I crossed the hall and got back into my room. I have to admit, The Fair is getting more fun the more they enjoy it.

Finally you all know how much I love golf…in fact I’m taking the boys out this afternoon…how many days like this do we get in August? What most of you don’t know is how far my golf addiction goes…yes, I even love Women’s golf. The Solheim Cup is this weekend and I will be in front of the TV for as much of it as I can. I love match play golf. I love Team Golf. If you haven’t watched women’s golf in a while…these ladies are good! As a side note, Zach Johnson sits 10th in the American President’s Cup standings. That would mean he would get the last automatic spot on the team. Problem is there are two more weeks to get points and he isn’t playing next week so he can attend his brother’s wedding. Zach is playing in North Carolina this weekend and is doing pretty well so far.
See…way too much information about golf.

I hope you all have a good weekend and please stop by the WHO booth Saturday. I’ll be there ALL day.