SELF SERVE: New Kiosks Available To Renew I.D.

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Renewing your driver’s license can now be done on a kiosk.

The new self-service kiosks let customers renew their driver’s license or state identification card, the Iowa Department of Transportation announced Thursday.

The kiosks will be limited to renewals and will have specific requirements based on factors like age and current license status while they are being tested.  If the kiosks test well, the Iowa Department of Transportation expects to add more kiosks around the state.

The kiosks were unveiled at the Iowa State Fair but are also available at the Ankeny driver’s license station.

Since the first day of the fair, more than 500 people successfully used the kiosks to renew their I.D.s, according to Mark Lowe of the Iowa Department of Transportation.

In a single day at the fair, the self-service kiosks renewed more I.D.s than 89 other locations on the same day, Lowe added.