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SPECIAL DELIVERY: Chinook Brings Plane To Camp Dodge

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The newest addition to Camp Dodge’s Gold Star Museum made its way to Johnston Thursday.

A refurbished A7K Corsair was dropped off at Camp Dodge via Chinook helicopter.

The plane has been in storage at the Air National Guard base in Sioux City for decades. After cleaning it up, it was time to bring it to Johnston.

It’s normally a 90-minute flight from Sioux City to Johnston. But when you’re hauling 18,000 pounds it takes a little longer.

The Chinook had to stop twice for fuel and it made its presence known.

“The people in Perry and Denison didn’t know when we were coming but they knew when we were leaving.  We made a little bit of noise,” says Cory Crain, a Chief Warrant Officer with the Iowa National Guard.

The flight took 4-and-a-half hours.

The plane was just 700 feet off the ground at times during the flight.