BAR RULES: Iowa City Looks At Age Limits

Students at the University of Iowa said they think more police officers will be monitoring the bars this year.

Right now, people under the age of 21 have to leave Iowa City bars before 10 p.m.

If they’re caught breaking the rules, their first offense could land them a fine of up to $300.

But on November 5th, Iowa City could vote to overturn that law.

“That’s just such a big fine just to stay in the bar like a couple more minutes.  A lot of times people don’t realize that’s turning from like 9:50 to 10 p.m.  And a lot of the time people aren’t doing anything wrong, like drinking,” said Liz Goodall.

The group called 21 Makes Sense it trying to keep the law from changing.

Supporters said since the ban was put in plan in 2010, they’ve had a decrease in police calls to the downtown bars.

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